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Mildstyle Podcast 1: The Dub Version

April 9, 2009
Back in Business

Back in Business

Mildstyle Podcast 1: The Dub Version

Okay loyal blog-followers. Coming at you live from April 3, 2008, from The Lab in Steven’s old junior-single apartment at 1310 Lilac Terrace in beautiful, sunny, sprawling, broken-glass-everywhere Los Angeles. The long, long, long-awaited first installment of the Mildstyle Radcast.

CAVEAT, WARNING, MEA CULPA, DISCLAIMER: Some of the sound, especially on the vinyl tracks, is dodgy at times. Also, we are embarrassed by our contributions. We are indebted to our guests for the listenable parts. This was a trial run. Give us the benefit of as many doubts as you can muster.

Personnel: Eric, Steven, Smoothness Compliance Officer Jessica, Steven’s old neighbor Angel, and Angel’s sister Nadia.

Highlights: Ice Cube, The Thorn Birds, coyotes, a lively discussion of Black Flag’s “Slip It In,” Steven’s cats knock things over, and Angel pontificates about Nick Cave.


  • Carla Thomas, “I Can’t Take It”
  • Joni Mitchell, “A Case of You”
  • Grace Jones, “Private Life (The Dub Version)”
  • Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions, “People Get Ready”
  • The Blow, “Jet Ski Accidents”
  • T.S.O.L, “Revenge”
  • Five Stairsteps, “Ooh Child”

We have two more recorded and (almost) ready for posting, so this time you know it’s serious. Load up those RSS feeds, people. This is the too-long-in-coming official launch of The Mildstyle Podcast.

Housekeeping: We’re going to work on getting this real user-friendly, and getting it iTunes hosted so fools can just have it update right into their iTunes. In the meantime, left-click on the link above if you want to download the mp3, or right-click if you want it to play in your browser.

Personal note from Steven: A year later, the Carla Thomas song is still in heavy rotation. That song is one of the best songs ever performed, and Eric agrees. Mildstyle Seal of Approval.


Yes, it worked.

November 22, 2008

Which is a good sign.

We're resurrecting the blog.


radcast: unfinished business

April 15, 2008

This one probably really sucks, huh?

Eric and I are both aware that this is no way to nourish a growing fanbase. We apologize. We are 75% finished editing the first radcast, and once we actually figure out how to get them posted, shit should start moving at a steady clip.

We recorded the second radcast last night, and while I think few events will ever come close to the first (yet to be posted) episode in sheer radness, the second will probably go more smoothly in the editing.

Shout out to the fine people who created and continue to work on Audacity.

In the meantime and inbetween time, if you need some suggestions for quality listening before the radcast shows up:

Or on a less pretentious note, if you don’t have enough adorable kittens in your life:

I kick a hole in the speaker, pull the plug, and I jet.

Oh duckypuss! You're all wet.

Magnetized by the Mixing

April 9, 2008

Eric B. and Rakim

First radcast is recorded. Eric and I are going to try getting it all worked out this weekend, at which point regular posting and podcasting should begin in earnest.

In the meantime, I must have listened to “Microphone Fiend” seven times today. There are only a few better rap songs: Eric B. and Rakim performed one of them, and Ice Cube performed the rest of them.

almost podcast-ready

April 5, 2008






Mildstyle Radcast: Dry Run (with falsettos)

April 5, 2008

8 X 8 X 8 = 4

April 4, 2008